On May 14, the ICY Forum conference for frozen food producers took place. We examined in detail all the freezing segments, taking into account technologies and business cases, trends, realities, and prospects for the development of the industry, which segments should be invested in and how to overcome the seasonality of the business.

Lubov Polovova, CEO of Subzero, made an expert report  «Designing cold supply systems as a basis for facilities for cooling and freezing berries»  and talked about advanced technologies and equipment for cooling and freezing, how to choose the right system that will provide the necessary parameters for preserving berries.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet market colleagues and new players. We can say with confidence that the Ukrainian berry market is growing and has great potential.

Our mission is to help agricultural enterprises take their business to a higher stage of its development with the help of new technologies for cooling and freezing berries.

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