On August 6, the city of Lviv became the center of the apple business in Ukraine. All market participants — farmers, producers, agronomists, exporters, process engineers, apple importers — gathered at the BRIDGES forum.

Speeches of experts, discussion panels, presentations, reports — the program was very intense.

Subzero joined as a partner of the BRIDGES garden forum, and Lubov Polovova, CEO and specialist in design and storage technologies, made a presentation on “Design of refrigeration systems, complex solutions and equipment for storing fruit”. Lubov shared valuable knowledge and experience:

  • what affects the weight loss and appearance of the fruit;
  • conditions for long-term high-quality storage of fruits;
  • modern storage systems and technologies for fruit warehouses;
  • what is essential to know and take into account when building and equipping a warehouse;
  • components and systems for long-term storage in ULO, operating principle, equipment, packages;
  • what factors are conceptually important in the design of a building, the choice of equipment and constructions, contractors and construction organizations.

And at the expo stand, the forum participants could receive professional advice and communicate with SUBZERO members throughout the day.

We know everything about high-quality storage of fruit!

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