Checklist for preparing the refrigeration system for summer heat. Check if the equipment is working efficiently and with maximum performance.

Summer heat is just around the corner, which means it’s time to make sure your refrigeration system is ready for the coming hot months.

During this period, the systems work hard, so you need to make sure that the equipment works efficiently and with maximum performance.

Here is a short checklist for preparing your refrigeration system for summer:


  • make sure that the temperature and pressure sensors are working;

  • check operating modes to control performance;

  • check the controller settings for summertime.

During the year, these configurations may change according to the needs of the enterprise. Since refrigeration systems often work in the summer months, it is very important to ensure the accuracy of the sensors, to calibrate them. Otherwise, your compressors may operate in abnormal load modes.


  • clean work surfaces;

  • check the bearings and fan blades (lubricate and calibrate if necessary).

The defrost cycle sequence is often a "set and forget" aspect in the refrigeration system. It may have changed, especially if your company has multiple operators. If the defrost cycle is off, you may have a room where such a cycle takes place unnecessarily, or, conversely, it is not enough, which leads to additional electricity costs. Test and make sure that defrosting is installed and working properly.

Other equipment:

  • check the room temperature sensors for accuracy;

  • check the tightness of the refrigerator door.

Deviation of the temperature sensor by only a few degrees increases electricity consumption due to increasing load on compressors and condensers.

Timely maintenance of refrigeration equipment by Subzero specialists will save you from possible problems with the operation of refrigeration and ventilation systems.

We offer energy audit services and maintenance of refrigeration systems at Your company according to the developed algorithm. Save money and time, and extend the lifespan of all life-support systems of Your enterprise.

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