Project task.

Design refrigeration equipment based on a single multi-temperature compressor station using “green” cooling technologies – CO2 refrigerant. Total estimated refrigeration capacity = 80.17 kW. Product turnover 5000 kg / day. Area – 500 sq.m.

Project description.

Goals was to install a central refrigeration system. For these purposes, one refrigeration unit is used: a multi-compressor based on reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors with a condenser / air-cooled gas cooler. The system has three suction lines for different boiling points

(-39 ° C, -27 ° C and -8 ° C).

R744 (carbon dioxide, CO2) is used as a refrigerant. The transfer of cold to the consumer is carried out by air coolers with direct boiling of the refrigerant, located in the cooled rooms. Maintenance of the set temperatures in chambers is carried out automatically by means of devices and fittings which are mounted on pipelines. The total required installed capacity of refrigeration equipment is 80.17 kW.

Implemented technologies.

Multi-temperature compressor station + cubic air coolers + shockfroster. Refrigerant – CO2


Stage 1

Obtaining and agreeing on technical task (TT). Selection and coordination of the concept of refrigeration systems.

Stage 2

Development of the cold supply project (CS)

Stage 3

Technical inspection of the executive part of contractors.


Number of cameras

shock cooling chamber
storage room

Temperature regime




Estimated refrigeration capacity

29,23 kW

27,95 kW

22,93 kW

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